Controller: Samsung 3-core MDX. Flash Memory: Samsung 21nm Toggle Mode MLC.

Controller: Indilinx Barefoot 3 IDX500M00-BC. Flash: Toshiba 19nm (1st gen) MLC NAND.

Real World Speed
Performance profile from 669 user samples
635 User Benchmarks:
Best Score: 139% 125GB free
Worst Score: 49% 3GB free
Worst: 49% Best: 139%
SPEED RANK: 31st / 527
34 User Benchmarks:
Best Score: 130% 12GB free
Worst Score: 60% 142GB free
Worst: 60% Best: 130%
SPEED RANK: 28th / 527
Avg. Sequential Read Speed
494 MB/s +1% 487 MB/s -1%
Avg. Sequential Write Speed
400 MB/s -14% 456 MB/s Slightly faster write speed.
4K Read?
Avg. 4K Random Read Speed
28.6 MB/s Much faster random read.
21 MB/s -36%
4K Write?
Avg. 4K Random Write Speed
71.7 MB/s -9% 78.4 MB/s Slightly faster random write.
Avg. Sequential Mixed IO Speed
417 MB/s -12% 469 MB/s Slightly faster mixed IO speed.
4K Mixed
Avg. 4K Random Mixed IO Speed
21.8 MB/s -11% 24.2 MB/s Slightly faster random mixed IO.
Peak Sequential Read Speed
525 MB/s +0% 523 MB/s -0%
Peak Sequential Write Speed
497 MB/s -2% 505 MB/s +2%
4K Read?
Peak 4K Random Read Speed
36.4 MB/s Faster peak random read.
29.9 MB/s -22%
4K Write?
Peak 4K Random Write Speed
118 MB/s -25% 147 MB/s Faster peak random write.
Peak Sequential Mixed IO Speed
508 MB/s -1% 511 MB/s +1%
4K Mixed
Peak 4K Random Mixed IO Speed
28.4 MB/s -36% 38.6 MB/s Much faster peak random mixed IO.
Value For Money
93.7 % -0% 93.8 % +0%
User Rating?
UBM User Rating
74 % More popular.
63 % -17%
Price (score)
$158 -9% $144 Slightly cheaper.
Effective Speed?
Effective SSD Speed
484 MB/s -2% 494 MB/s +2%
24 Months -54% 11 Months Much more recent.
DQ Read?
Peak 4K-64Thread Read Speed
379 MB/s +2% 371 MB/s -2%
DQ Write?
Peak 4K-64Thread Write Speed
316 MB/s -12% 354 MB/s Slightly faster peak deep queue write.
AS-SSD Total?
AS-SSD Total Score
1,202 Pts -4% 1,245 Pts +4%
DQ Mixed
Peak 4K-64Thread Mixed IO Speed
90 MB/s -13% 102 MB/s Slightly faster peak deep queue mixed IO.
ADQ Read?
Avg. 4K-64Thread Read Speed
222 MB/s Faster deep queue read.
180 MB/s -23%
ADQ Write?
Avg. 4K-64Thread Write Speed
203 MB/s -13% 229 MB/s Slightly faster deep queue write.
ADQ Mixed
Avg. 4K-64Thread Mixed IO Speed
57 MB/s -6% 60.2 MB/s Slightly faster deep queue mixed IO.
256GB 240GB

The 840 Pro is stunning. Samsung have created a completely in-house package including both the controller and their own new 21nm toggle mode NAND. On release (Oct '12) this was the fastest performing deep queue depth consumer grade SSD available. Fast forward six months (Apr '13) and the 840 Pro still holds both the random read/write deep queue depth speed records of 384 MB/s and 326 MB/s, impressive considering how fast the SSD space tends to move. There are no obvious weaknesses, in-fact the 840 pro takes first place in nearly all of the speed categories and is only seriously rivalled by one drive, the OCZ Vector. To conclude, in terms of both outright performance, particularly server orientated, and value for money the 256GB and 128GB 840 Pros are amongst the top handful of drives currently available. [Jun '13 SSDrivePro]


Comparing the 150 to the original Vector is disappointing, the newer 150 actually offers marginally worse performance than its predecessor. A strange result but verified (at least partly) by figures on OCZ's own website: 100K 4K read IOPS for the Vector vs 90K 4K read IOPS for the 150. The newer 150 comes with a 5 year warranty which covers 50GB/day vs. the original Vectors 20GB/day but even this should be taken with a pinch of salt considering that the OCZ stock price is currently trading at around seven cents per share, an all time low. Despite the fact that new Vector 150 performs worse than its predecessor it's still a very competent performer and if prices drop, it has the potential to become a decent value proposition. In the meantime however there are far better deals available elsewhere.  [Dec '13 SSDrivePro]


Solid State Drive User Rankings Chart

October 2014 SSD Rankings

Welcome to our consumer SSD comparison. We calculate effective speed which measures performance for typical consumers. Effective speed is adjusted by cost per GB to yield a value for money rating. Calculated values don't always tell the whole picture so we check them against thousands of individual user ratings. Vote to share your opinion. [SSDrivePro]

Group Test Results

How Fast Is Your SSD?

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  • - Drive benchmarks include: read, write and mixed IO.
  • - CPU benchmarks include: integer, floating and string.
  • - GPU benchmarks include: DX9 and DX10 3D performance.
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