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 July 2016 SSD Rankings

Welcome to our consumer SSD comparison. We calculate effective speed based on real world performance then adjust by cost per GB to yield a value for money rating. Calculated values don't always tell the whole picture so we check them against thousands of individual user ratings. The customizable table below combines these factors and more to bring you the definitive list of top SSDs. Share your opinion by voting. [SSDrivePro]

Sometimes benchmarks get it completely wrong...
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M.2, NVMe, PCIe




How is the AS SSD total score calculated?

By taking a combination of speed readings with a strong emphasis on deep queue depth (server) IO... more

How is the AS SSD read score calculated?

Benchmarks read workloads with an emphasis on deep queue depth (server) reads... more

How is the AS SSD write score calculated?

Benchmarks write workloads with an emphasis on deep queue depth (server) writes... more

What is the effective SSD speed index?

A measure of how well an SSD performs under typical consumer workloads. Samsung 850 Pro ~= 100%... more

Can CPU power saving states (C1,C2,C3) impact SSD speed?

Yes, mostly on shallow queue random 4k operations, by up to around 40 MBps.. more

What is 4K 64 thread write speed?

A server orientated measure of a drives ability to write 64 files in parallel... more

What is the SSD value for money rating?

A measure of real world consumer performance and capacity per unit cost... more

What is 4K random write speed?

A measure of how quickly multiple small files can be written to a device... more

What is queue depth?

The number of simultaneous requests on a drive's request queue... more

What is incompressible data?

Data that cannot be compressed e.g. most music, video and image file formats... more

What is sequential read speed?

A measure of how quickly large files can be read from a device... more

What is sequential write speed?

A measure of how quickly large files can be written to a device... more

What’s the difference between NAND and V-NAND?

NAND and V-NAND are both types of flash memory which is a class of non-volatile memory that retains data even in the absence of an electrical current... more

What’s the difference between SATA, PCIe and NVMe?

SATA and PCIe are both transfer interfaces whereas NVMe is a transfer protocol which runs on top of an interface... more

What is 3D XPoint and how fast is it?

3D XPoint is the name given by Intel and Micron to the upcoming new class of non-volatile memory for SSDs and the like... more

What’s the difference between SLC, MLC and TLC?

In terms or write performance, durability and price SLC > MLC > TLC... more

Effective Speed?
Market Share?
Effective Speed?
Market Share?
Max Avg Min 115 64.2 14.4 101 73 38.9 9 0.42 0 728 499 202 512 352 116 77 31.5 3 471 145 38
Samsung 850 Evo 250GB $88
The 250GB Samsung 850 Evo has a similar architecture to its hugely successful predecessor, the 840 Evo. Both drives are TLC based but the 850 uses 3D V-NAND as oppos...
99.5 %9th94.1 %4th9 %1st517 MB/s59th414 MB/s58th19 Months42nd$8842nd
Samsung 850 Pro 256GB $125
The 256GB Samsung 850 Pro is the fastest consumer SSD we have seen to date. Thanks to Samsung's new 3D V-NAND the 850 Pro has lower power consumption and better perf...
80.1 %57th96.8 %3rd2.1 %7th528 MB/s4th500 MB/s15th24 Months63rd$12581st
Samsung 850 Evo 500GB $150
18,647 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 116% 458GB free
Worst Bench: 66% 446GB free
111 %2nd93.6 %5th6.3 %2nd517 MB/s59th413 MB/s62nd19 Months42nd$15099th
HyperX Savage 240GB $85
The 240GB Kingston HyperX Savage sports a Phison PS3110 controller. This marks a welcome departure from Kingston's use of Sandforce 2281 controllers and for the firs...
86.4 %45th82.1 %47th0.7 %18th523 MB/s23rd507 MB/s6th15 Months23rd$8538th
SanDisk Ultra II 240GB $71
The Sandisk Ultra II sits above Sandisk's Ultra Plus and below their Extreme Pro. The Ultra Plus would probably have been phased out completely were it not for its c...
79.3 %59th65.6 %106th0.9 %13th490 MB/s131st336 MB/s89th22 Months49th$7125th
Samsung 850 Evo 120GB $65
7,273 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 114% 6GB free
Worst Bench: 68% 28GB free
71.2 %67th93 %7th1.6 %8th517 MB/s59th414 MB/s58th19 Months42nd$6521st
Samsung 850 Pro 512GB $223
3,452 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 125% 351GB free
Worst Bench: 71% 350GB free
90.9 %32nd101 %1st0.8 %14th530 MB/s2nd503 MB/s9th24 Months63rd$223126th
Crucial MX200 250GB $80
The 250GB Crucial MX200 is successor the hugely successful MX100. Both drives use both the same NAND and controller but the new MX200 features Dynamic Write Accelera...
93.7 %24th82.5 %45th0.6 %26th527 MB/s12th398 MB/s66th18 Months36th$8033rd
SanDisk Ultra Plus 128GB $55
The 128GB Sandisk Ultra Plus proved to be a bit of a disappointment in comparison to its larger 256GB sibling. The 256GB version has more NAND modules which enable p...
57.4 %86th63.1 %118th0.3 %41st442 MB/s142nd277 MB/s106th42 Months104th$5510th
Samsung 840 Evo 120GB $105
The 120GB Evo, like its 250GB sibling, features a second level Turbowrite cache (TWC). This 3GB block of high speed SLC memory allows the Evo to write data at 370 MB...
41 %115th76.6 %69th2.3 %6th499 MB/s115th349 MB/s82nd36 Months90th$10562nd
SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB $95
The Sandisk Ultra Plus has an above average consumer performance profile and is available at a fantastic price. It's one of the cheapest SSD's we have reviewed and w...
71.6 %66th70.4 %87th0.4 %36th440 MB/s144th422 MB/s54th42 Months104th$9550th
Crucial MX100 256GB $99
The Crucial MX100 is the first 16nm SSD to date. Aside from NAND, the MX100 shares the same hardware as its more expensive sibling, the M550. Comparing the MX100 and...
78.9 %60th80.1 %58th0.7 %18th521 MB/s32nd331 MB/s91st25 Months67th$9956th
Samsung 850 Pro 128GB $92
1,612 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 114% 118GB free
Worst Bench: 67% 14GB free
57.1 %87th92.6 %9th0.3 %41st526 MB/s16th492 MB/s26th24 Months63rd$9249th
OCZ ARC 100 120GB $68
726 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 93% 23GB free
Worst Bench: 59% 31GB free
56.4 %88th76.2 %72nd0 %105th457 MB/s141st382 MB/s70th23 Months53rd$6823rd
OCZ AMD Radeon R7 120GB $75
159 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 96% 55GB free
Worst Bench: 57% 43GB free
52.6 %95th76.5 %71st0.1 %67th515 MB/s68th431 MB/s49th23 Months53rd$7529th
HyperX Fury 120GB $45
The Kingston HyperX Fury has the same controller as its HyperX 3K sibling; the only difference between the two drives is the use of cheaper Micron 20nm NAND in the n...
55.2 %89th54.8 %140th1.3 %9th504 MB/s109th155 MB/s141st25 Months67th$455th
SanDisk Extreme Pro 240GB $105
The 240GB Sandisk Extreme Pro uses the same controller and NAND as its 13 months younger predecessor, the Extreme II. Comparing the Extreme II and Extreme Pro shows ...
76.3 %61st84.9 %26th0.3 %41st515 MB/s68th493 MB/s24th25 Months67th$10563rd
Intel 535 Series 240GB $87
The Intel 535 SSD was quietly released in April 2015, very few review samples were distributed and the release went largely unnoticed. The 535 sports the same basic ...
72.2 %65th69.9 %89th0.2 %52nd518 MB/s55th251 MB/s123rd15 Months23rd$8741st
HyperX Savage 120GB $56
346 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 92% 80GB free
Worst Bench: 53% 7GB free
62.4 %78th73 %79th0.1 %67th522 MB/s26th415 MB/s57th15 Months23rd$5612th
Crucial BX100 250GB $91
The 250GB Crucial BX100 SSD is the value orientated variant of Crucial's M range of SSDs. The BX100 uses the same NAND as its premium MX200 sibling but the BX100 use...
86.7 %44th84.1 %31st0.5 %31st521 MB/s32nd370 MB/s72nd18 Months36th$9147th
SanDisk Ultra II 120GB $55
1,107 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 80% 112GB free
Worst Bench: 44% 76GB free
54.6 %91st63 %119th0.2 %52nd480 MB/s137th324 MB/s93rd22 Months49th$5510th
OCZ Vertex 460A 240GB $95
The OCZ Vertex 460A is basically a tweaked re-release of last years Vertex 460. The two drives share the same controller and the same basic NAND, although the 460A a...
80.7 %55th83.4 %36th0 %105th515 MB/s68th499 MB/s19th20 Months47th$9551st
Intel 730 Series 240GB $190
The 240GB Intel 730 is just two months old and the newest SSDs in our group test. The 730 uses Intel's own enterprise controller (rather than a Sandforce) and it's m...
45.6 %106th79.3 %62nd0.1 %67th515 MB/s68th291 MB/s101st29 Months81st$190112th
Samsung 840 Pro 256GB $208
The 840 Pro is stunning. Samsung have created a completely in-house package including both the controller and their own new 21nm toggle mode NAND. On release (Oct '1...
46.6 %104th82.5 %43rd1 %11th523 MB/s23rd489 MB/s27th45 Months111th$208120th
OCZ Vertex 4 256GB $400
The Vertex 4 is just over a year old but thanks to its recent firmware update (1.5), it still manages to perform almost on a par with the best drives currently avail...
29.2 %139th84.5 %27th0.3 %41st497 MB/s120th478 MB/s34th51 Months122nd$400151st
OCZ Vector 150 240GB $119
Comparing the 150 to the original Vector is disappointing, the newer 150 actually offers marginally worse performance than its predecessor. A strange result but veri...
72.8 %63rd89.1 %18th0.1 %67th522 MB/s26th503 MB/s9th32 Months85th$11978th
SanDisk Extreme II 240GB $105
The Sandisk Extreme II uses the 88SS9187-BLD2 controller, Marvel's latest, and Sandisk's own 19MM MLC Memory. On paper this makes an extremely good combination and t...
74.7 %62nd83.2 %37th0.1 %67th488 MB/s134th483 MB/s30th38 Months94th$10564th
Corsair Neutron GTX 240GB $245
The Neutron GTX is the faster of the two Neutrons released by Corsair. They both use the same Link A Media LM87800 controller but the GTX features more expensive 24...
37.7 %119th79.2 %63rd0 %105th514 MB/s78th471 MB/s36th49 Months119th$245135th
Crucial BX100 500GB $159
853 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 104% 86GB free
Worst Bench: 61% 15GB free
99.2 %10th86.9 %20th0.1 %67th523 MB/s23rd433 MB/s44th18 Months36th$159103rd
Transcend SSD370 256GB $86
The 256GB Transcend SSD370 sports a Silicon Motion (SM2246EN) controller coupled with Micron 20nm synchronous MLC NAND. With peak sequential read/write speeds of 520...
83 %51st75.7 %73rd0.1 %67th519 MB/s48th301 MB/s98th23 Months53rd$8640th
OCZ Vertex 4 128GB $150
The 128GB Vertex 4 has an average score of 90.5% which is the highest we have seen to date for a 120-128GB SSD. We have in excess of 100 UBM samples for the Vertex 4...
34.5 %127th80.4 %57th0.3 %41st478 MB/s138th390 MB/s69th51 Months122nd$15095th
Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB $76
The 120GB Kingston HyperX 3K is nearly two years old, several generations of SSD have passed since its original release. Better 120GB SSDs have more NAND modules tha...
43 %112th63.1 %117th1 %11th510 MB/s96th201 MB/s131st51 Months122nd$7630th
Crucial M500 240GB $132
We had high expectations for the Crucial M500. Crucial have a long history of producing outstanding Solid State drives. Both the RealSSD 300 and the M4, three and tw...
54.2 %92nd71.6 %82nd0.7 %18th502 MB/s111th272 MB/s109th40 Months102nd$13286th
Plextor M5 Pro 256GB $100
The Plextor M5 delivers fantastic value for money and sits within easy reach of the top handful of SSD's currently available. The M5's performance favours server typ...
83.2 %50th85.1 %25th0.1 %67th513 MB/s84th433 MB/s44th46 Months115th$10059th
Corsair Neutron XT 240GB $82
160 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 103% 155GB free
Worst Bench: 60% 146GB free
91.2 %30th84.4 %29th0.1 %67th527 MB/s12th510 MB/s3rd19 Months42nd$8236th
OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2 240GB $471
The RevoDrive 3 X2 has an unbalanced performance profile that won't suit the majority of desktop users. Despite demonstrating a record breaking sequential read speed...
21 %148th72.1 %81st-728 MB/s1st294 MB/s100th59 Months138th$471152nd
Crucial M4 256GB $218
The Crucial M4 is one of the oldest SSD's to have made it into the group test. When it was released its primary competitors were Sandforce based drives which suffere...
31.2 %136th57.3 %135th0.5 %31st500 MB/s113th266 MB/s112th63 Months147th$218123rd
Samsung 850 Pro 1TB $395
964 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 122% 888GB free
Worst Bench: 71% 849GB free
97.3 %14th98.6 %2nd0.3 %41st528 MB/s4th501 MB/s14th24 Months63rd$395150th
SanDisk Extreme Pro 480GB $188
656 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 106% 412GB free
Worst Bench: 61% 143GB free
83.5 %49th85.5 %24th0.1 %67th514 MB/s78th493 MB/s24th25 Months67th$188110th
Adata Premier SP610 256GB $85
The Adata Premier SP610 sports a Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller coupled with 20nm Micron flash memory, a similar combination to Crucial's recent BX100 which uses...
89.4 %38th81 %52nd0 %105th522 MB/s26th355 MB/s74th25 Months67th$8538th
Kingston SSDNow KC300 120GB $48
215 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 76% 68GB free
Worst Bench: 48% 74GB free
58.8 %83rd61.7 %124th0.1 %67th510 MB/s96th236 MB/s127th36 Months90th$487th
Toshiba Q Series Pro 128GB $50
At four months old, the 128GB Toshiba Q Series Pro is the newest SSD in the group test. It's always nice to see new drives pushing established speed boundaries and t...
79.8 %58th81.6 %48th0.1 %67th519 MB/s48th477 MB/s35th33 Months88th$508th
Intel 520 Series 120GB $99
The Intel 520 Series was Intel's first SSD to feature a Sandforce 2281 controller. This controller has powered countless SSDs over the last three years but is now da...
34.9 %124th62.4 %123rd0.6 %26th514 MB/s78th164 MB/s138th53 Months130th$9954th
Adata XPG SX900 256GB $95
The SX900 and SX910 are both Sandforce 2881 based SSDs from Adata. The only difference between them is their warranty period: 5 years for the SX910 vs 3 years for th...
69.6 %70th68.5 %92nd0.3 %41st513 MB/s84th320 MB/s94th52 Months126th$9551st
Crucial MX200 500GB $139
844 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 91% 168GB free
Worst Bench: 54% 332GB free
94.1 %22nd74.6 %77th0.2 %52nd513 MB/s84th398 MB/s66th18 Months36th$13989th
OCZ ARC 100 240GB $77
The 240GB OCZ ARC has a solid performance profile with particularly strong 4K speeds. The ARC is positioned below both OCZ's enthusiast Vector 150 and the mainstream...
90.4 %33rd79.6 %59th0.2 %52nd463 MB/s139th423 MB/s53rd23 Months53rd$7731st
Kingston SSDNow V300 120GB $40
The 120GB Kingston V300 has a performance profile that closely matches its 240GB sibling. Both drives utilize a Sandforce LSI controller and therefore demonstrate re...
52.3 %96th47.5 %147th4.9 %3rd498 MB/s118th156 MB/s140th44 Months108th$402nd
Samsung 840 Pro 128GB $138
The 128GB 840 Pro is a rock solid performer. On release, nearly a year and a half ago, the Pro smashed several speed records. Today, with sequential read/write speed...
35.4 %123rd77.3 %67th0.8 %14th519 MB/s48th436 MB/s43rd45 Months111th$13887th
Toshiba HG5d Q Series 256GB $225
The Toshiba HG5d is a reasonable SSD. Considering that Toshiba is amongst the few manufacturers that produce both their own NAND flash and SSD controllers, the HG5d ...
43 %111th80.7 %54th0.1 %67th515 MB/s68th485 MB/s29th38 Months94th$225127th
OCZ Vector 180 240GB $100
The OCZ Vector 180 has a five year warranty and is rated for 50GB/day over that time. In terms of hardware the Vector 180 is basically a rebadged two year old Vector...
80.5 %56th86.4 %21st0.1 %67th518 MB/s55th500 MB/s15th16 Months28th$10058th
Kingston HyperX 240GB $266
The Kingston HyperX is nearly two years old which in SSD terms is almost an entire lifetime. Starting on a positive note this drive will outperform any mechanical dr...
30.3 %138th67.8 %95th0 %105th520 MB/s41st254 MB/s121st60 Months141st$266138th
Samsung 850 Evo 1TB $300
2,559 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 114% 715GB free
Worst Bench: 67% 255GB free
110 %3rd92.7 %8th1.2 %10th521 MB/s32nd414 MB/s58th19 Months42nd$300143rd
Crucial MX100 512GB $199
2,478 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 105% 27GB free
Worst Bench: 62% 259GB free
85.3 %47th87 %19th0.4 %36th513 MB/s84th480 MB/s33rd25 Months67th$199114th
OCZ ARC 100 480GB $175
163 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 100% 96GB free
Worst Bench: 61% 421GB free
85.3 %48th82.8 %40th0 %105th463 MB/s139th439 MB/s39th23 Months53rd$175108th
OCZ Agility 3 120GB $102
3,994 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 50% 335GB free
Worst Bench: 28% 109GB free
21.5 %147th39.4 %150th0.7 %18th202 MB/s152nd123 MB/s151st62 Months143rd$10261st
SanDisk Extreme II 120GB $115
The 120GB Sandisk Extreme II proved to be a disappointment. I was expecting the same blistering performance as I saw on its larger 240GB sibling but that proved not ...
35.9 %122nd72.1 %80th0 %105th481 MB/s136th314 MB/s97th38 Months94th$11575th
Seagate 600 240GB $215
This is Seagate's third foray into the the SSD market and it's clear from the specifications that Seagate haven't taken any chances. The 600 incorporates the now rea...
41.7 %114th79.5 %61st0.1 %67th511 MB/s89th445 MB/s38th38 Months94th$215122nd
Kingston SSDNow V+200 240GB $193
The SSDNow V+200 is one of the slowest SSD's we have seen recently. Its sequential and 4k read performance is the weakest we have seen to date. Even the sequential a...
34.6 %125th60.9 %126th0.1 %67th525 MB/s17th338 MB/s86th54 Months132nd$193113th
Samsung 830 256GB $261
Almost two years old, the Samsung 830 is one of the oldest SSD's in the group test. The 830 has a reasonably consistent performance profile scoring slightly above av...
31.6 %135th66.4 %102nd0.4 %36th509 MB/s99th403 MB/s64th57 Months135th$261137th
OCZ AMD Radeon R7 480GB $184
112 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 111% 360GB free
Worst Bench: 65% 279GB free
88.5 %41st89.2 %17th0 %105th521 MB/s32nd502 MB/s12th23 Months53rd$184109th
OCZ Vertex 460A 120GB $101
100 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 102% 78GB free
Worst Bench: 49% 24GB free
45.4 %107th82.5 %44th0 %105th514 MB/s78th418 MB/s56th20 Months47th$10160th
Crucial BX100 120GB $59
364 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 84% 111GB free
Worst Bench: 53% 111GB free
58.1 %84th71.1 %83rd0.1 %67th522 MB/s26th188 MB/s134th18 Months36th$5915th
Plextor M6S 128GB $68
366 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 96% 57GB free
Worst Bench: 58% 89GB free
60.8 %79th78.6 %65th0.2 %52nd490 MB/s131st331 MB/s91st27 Months75th$6824th
OCZ Vertex 460 240GB $203
The OCZ Vertex 460 replaces the Vertex 450. The main difference between the two is a change from Intel/Micron (IMFT) 20nm MLC NAND to Toshiba 19nm MLC NAND, a fittin...
46.9 %102nd85.7 %22nd0.1 %67th514 MB/s78th497 MB/s22nd29 Months81st$203118th
Crucial RealSSD C300 256GB $238
Before looking at the benchmarks for this drive it's worth noting that it is nearly three years old, a lifetime in SSD's. The Crucial C300 demonstrated a transfer s...
27.2 %144th53.2 %142nd0 %105th354 MB/s147th219 MB/s128th77 Months152nd$238130th
OCZ Agility 3 240GB $150
The OCZ Agility 3.0 has a relatively weak performance profile to say the least, it is actually one of the worst drives we have seen to date. With a real world score ...
30.6 %137th44.5 %149th0 %105th213 MB/s149th181 MB/s137th62 Months143rd$15097th
Adata Premier Pro SP900 128GB $48
The 128GB Adata Premier Pro SP900 has peak and average sequential read/write speeds of 496/166 and 175/106 MB/s. The average speeds are significantly worse than peak...
49.7 %98th49.3 %145th0.2 %52nd491 MB/s129th141 MB/s144th52 Months126th$486th
Crucial M500 120GB $95
The 120GB M500 is successor to the phenomenally successful Crucial M4. The M500 was poised to win loyal M4 customers but as it turns out the new M500 is worse for ty...
36 %121st62.8 %120th0.2 %52nd497 MB/s120th139 MB/s145th40 Months102nd$9553rd
OCZ Vector 150 120GB $128
273 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 103% 34GB free
Worst Bench: 60% 71GB free
38.7 %118th84.3 %30th0 %105th520 MB/s41st427 MB/s51st32 Months85th$12885th
SanDisk X110 mSATA 128GB $150
142 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 76% 49GB free
Worst Bench: 48% 52GB free
27.2 %143rd63.5 %113th0.1 %67th437 MB/s145th275 MB/s107th36 Months90th$15095th
Samsung 830 128GB $109
The 128GB Samsung 830 is nearly two and a half years old which puts it at a significant disadvantage to more recent models. With peak and average sequential read/wri...
32.1 %131st59 %130th0.7 %18th507 MB/s103rd320 MB/s94th57 Months135th$10966th
Plextor M5M mSATA 256GB $240
The Plextor M5M is the most recent mSATA SSD I have looked at. It has both the same controller and NAND flash (albeit with fewer channels) as its regular SATA siblin...
38.8 %117th76.5 %70th0 %105th505 MB/s105th414 MB/s58th39 Months101st$240131st
OCZ Vector 180 480GB $170
63 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 108% 233GB free
Worst Bench: 73% 418GB free
94.8 %19th90.1 %15th0 %105th519 MB/s48th500 MB/s15th16 Months28th$170107th
OCZ Vector 180 120GB $71
32 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 97% 43GB free
Worst Bench: 62% 23GB free
59.2 %82nd82.6 %42nd0.1 %67th522 MB/s26th433 MB/s44th16 Months28th$7126th
Plextor M6S 256GB $122
160 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 102% 34GB free
Worst Bench: 58% 161GB free
70.3 %68th83.5 %35th0 %105th484 MB/s135th426 MB/s52nd27 Months75th$12280th
SanDisk Ultra II 480GB $113
2,295 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 83% 295GB free
Worst Bench: 49% 241GB free
95.5 %17th66.8 %99th0.6 %26th497 MB/s120th340 MB/s85th22 Months49th$11373rd
Transcend SSD370 128GB $53
The 128GB Transcend SSD370 proved to be a bit of a disappointment both in absolute terms and in comparison to its larger capacity 256GB sibling. The 128GB SSD370 is ...
60.4 %80th65 %107th0.2 %52nd518 MB/s55th157 MB/s139th23 Months53rd$539th
Kingston HyperX 3K 240GB $128
The HyperX 3K is an updated version of the regular HyperX, the only difference between the two SSDs is the grade of NAND flash. The regular HyperX's NAND flash is ra...
53.9 %93rd69.6 %90th0.5 %31st519 MB/s48th266 MB/s112th51 Months122nd$12884th
Kingston SSDNow V300 240GB $58
This is yet another Sandforce 2881 based SSD from Kingston, this time coupled with newer 19nm Nand flash. In terms of performance the V300 is nothing we haven't seen...
81.9 %53rd58.4 %132nd2.5 %5th511 MB/s89th266 MB/s112th44 Months108th$5813th
OCZ Vector 256GB $240
This is the first solid state drive to feature OCZ's in-house Indilinx Barefoot 3 (IDX500M00-BC) controller and what a debut it proved to be. OCZ still use third par...
46.8 %103rd92.4 %10th0.1 %67th524 MB/s20th503 MB/s9th43 Months107th$240134th
SanDisk Extreme 240GB $240
The Sandisk Extreme was once a good choice of SSD thanks to its extremely (pun intended) competitive price. In terms of performance the Extreme would of course oblit...
31.9 %133rd66 %103rd0.1 %67th519 MB/s48th243 MB/s126th53 Months130th$240133rd
HyperX Savage 480GB $147
7 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 97% 447GB free
Worst Bench: 72% 405GB free
98.6 %11th84.1 %32nd0 %105th525 MB/s17th499 MB/s19th15 Months23rd$14793rd
SanDisk Ultra II 960GB $219
921 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 83% 840GB free
Worst Bench: 47% 466GB free
94.9 %18th64.9 %108th0.6 %26th499 MB/s115th337 MB/s87th22 Months49th$219125th
Intel 335 Series 240GB $200
The 240GB Intel 335 Series SSD is four months older than the group leaders which average 13 months old. The hardware configuration consists of a Sandforce 2281 contr...
37.1 %120th67.1 %98th0.1 %67th514 MB/s78th267 MB/s111th46 Months115th$200115th
Samsung 840 Evo 250GB $138
The Evo is remarkable in that, like the Sandisk Extreme II, it features a second level cache. For the 250 GB Evo this consists of a 3 GB Turbowrite cache (TWC) which...
60 %81st79.5 %60th3 %4th508 MB/s102nd350 MB/s81st36 Months90th$13888th
Corsair Performance Pro 256GB $348
We really liked this drive when it was released back in Nov '11. It had great real world performance both with compressible and incompressible data and was powered b...
32.1 %132nd83.5 %34th0 %105th504 MB/s109th420 MB/s55th56 Months133rd$348148th
Crucial MX200 1TB $280
163 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 89% 415GB free
Worst Bench: 58% 407GB free
94 %23rd74.9 %75th0.1 %67th489 MB/s133rd399 MB/s65th18 Months36th$280139th
Adata XPG SX900 128GB $68
711 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 72% 103GB free
Worst Bench: 43% 34GB free
45.2 %108th58.2 %134th0.3 %41st505 MB/s105th196 MB/s132nd52 Months126th$6822nd
Corsair Force LS 240GB $90
360 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 82% 149GB free
Worst Bench: 39% 52GB free
63.2 %77th62.7 %122nd0.1 %67th518 MB/s55th378 MB/s71st32 Months85th$9045th
OCZ AMD Radeon R7 240GB $113
The AMD Radeon R7 SSD is manufactured by OCZ (Toshiba). The release of the R7 is in line with OCZ's approximate six-monthly release cycle. Apart from newer NAND memo...
69.3 %71st81.6 %50th0 %105th515 MB/s68th496 MB/s23rd23 Months53rd$11372nd
Plextor M5 Pro 128GB $110
The 128GB Plextor M5 Pro has a reasonable performance profile. With an effective speed of 442 MB/s it ranks just 5% below the average of the top ten user rated 128GB...
41.9 %113th77.1 %68th0.1 %67th509 MB/s99th315 MB/s96th46 Months115th$11068th
SanDisk Extreme Pro 960GB $329
151 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 106% 744GB free
Worst Bench: 60% 893GB free
92.1 %26th85.5 %23rd0.1 %67th515 MB/s68th487 MB/s28th25 Months67th$329147th
Plextor M6V 256GB $90
27 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 106% 199GB free
Worst Bench: 72% 42GB free
97.6 %13th92.2 %11th0 %105th528 MB/s4th348 MB/s83rd12 Months21st$9045th
Intel 730 Series 480GB $370
427 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 112% 319GB free
Worst Bench: 69% 258GB free
54.8 %90th93.3 %6th0.1 %67th520 MB/s41st483 MB/s30th29 Months81st$370149th
Plextor M5S 128GB $200
482 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 81% 45GB free
Worst Bench: 50% 0GB free
23.1 %145th66.8 %100th0.1 %67th496 MB/s123rd210 MB/s129th48 Months118th$200116th
Crucial M4 128GB $116
The 128GB Crucial M4 is almost three years old, an extremely long time in SSD land. With peak and average sequential read/write speeds of 500/194 and 429/185 the 128...
29.1 %140th56.1 %139th0.6 %26th502 MB/s111th194 MB/s133rd63 Months147th$11676th
OCZ Agility 4 256GB $218
The OCZ Agility 4 is a relatively old SSD and has been included in the group test as a reference. In terms of overall speed the Agility 4 lags the current ten market...
34.2 %128th62.7 %121st0 %105th356 MB/s146th391 MB/s68th50 Months121st$218123rd
OCZ Vertex 450 256GB $304
The Vertex 450 is the third SSD OCZ have released in the last eighteen months. The 450 features an updated version of the now somewhat proven Indilinx Barefoot contr...
34.6 %126th81.4 %51st0 %105th515 MB/s68th499 MB/s19th38 Months94th$304144th
Zotac Premium Edition 240GB $92
81 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 103% 96GB free
Worst Bench: 63% 207GB free
81.5 %54th82.4 %46th0 %105th528 MB/s4th506 MB/s7th8 Months12th$9248th
Transcend SSD370 512GB $155
171 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 102% 168GB free
Worst Bench: 61% 297GB free
98 %12th82.8 %41st0.1 %67th521 MB/s32nd438 MB/s41st23 Months53rd$155102nd
Intel 530 Series 120GB $89
At just 5 months old the Intel 530 Series SSD is the newest SSD in the group test. Unfortunately the 530 uses the same basic formula we have seen going back two and ...
34.1 %129th56.4 %138th0.3 %41st500 MB/s113th136 MB/s147th34 Months89th$8944th
Seagate 600 120GB $88
The 120GB Seagate 600 is yet another drive that massively underperforms its larger, in this case 240GB, sibling. Looking at the 120GB and 240GB 600's shows that the ...
43 %110th70.8 %84th0 %105th509 MB/s99th285 MB/s103rd38 Months94th$8843rd
Intel 525 Series mSATA 240GB $140
In terms of hardware there is nothing new here, the combination of SandForce SF2281VB1-SDC controller coupled with 25NM Intel flash memory is the tried and tested so...
51 %97th70.5 %86th0 %105th515 MB/s68th284 MB/s104th42 Months104th$14090th
Zotac Premium Edition 480GB $160
11 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 101% 214GB free
Worst Bench: 76% 447GB free
99.6 %8th90.4 %14th0.1 %67th525 MB/s17th506 MB/s7th8 Months12th$160104th
Adata Premier Pro SP920 256GB $80
The ADATA SP920 shares the same controller (Marvel 88SS9189), and for capacities over 256GB the same NAND configuration as the excellent Crucial M550. The lower capa...
91.3 %29th79 %64th0.2 %52nd528 MB/s4th344 MB/s84th27 Months75th$8033rd
OCZ Vertex 3 120GB $240
The 120GB OCZ Vertex 3 is almost 3 years old which makes it twice as old as most of the drives in the group test. With sequential peak and average read/write speeds ...
16.8 %150th58.4 %133rd0.8 %14th511 MB/s89th148 MB/s142nd64 Months150th$240132nd
Corsair Force 3 240GB $232
The Corsair Force 3 is one of the slowest SSD's we have seen to date. Its real world speed rating of 305.7 MB/s puts it just above the bottom of the pack. Looking at...
22.1 %146th44.7 %148th0.1 %67th213 MB/s149th184 MB/s136th62 Months143rd$232128th
OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS 240GB $160
This drive is another victim to the Sandforce 2281 controller's relative inability to handle incompressible data. The performance profile shows superb sequential rea...
44.1 %109th67.4 %96th0 %105th521 MB/s32nd273 MB/s108th63 Months147th$160105th
OCZ Trion 150 240GB $63
295 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 80% 108GB free
Worst Bench: 47% 185GB free
87.7 %42nd66.6 %101st0.3 %41st516 MB/s67th353 MB/s77th3 Months1st$6319th
Mushkin Reactor 1TB $250
The Mushkin Reactor features the same Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller found on both the Crucial BX100 and the Transcend SSD370. All three drives also feature Micr...
115 %1st84.5 %28th0.2 %52nd519 MB/s48th432 MB/s48th17 Months31st$250136th
Patriot Pyro SE 120GB $120
53 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 67% 38GB free
Worst Bench: 41% 4GB free
27.3 %142nd56.7 %137th0 %105th512 MB/s88th148 MB/s142nd56 Months133rd$12079th
Crucial M550 256GB $152
The 256GB Crucial M550 is a welcome improvement over the 240GB M500. The new Marvel 88SS9189 controller has addressed our primary concern with the M500 which was poo...
64.7 %76th90.7 %13th0.1 %67th524 MB/s20th481 MB/s32nd27 Months75th$152101st
Intel 330 Series 120GB $99
The Intel 330 is just under two years old and sports a Sandforce 2281 controller coupled with Intel's own 25nm MLC NAND. This combination typically produces a perfor...
31.8 %134th57 %136th0.2 %52nd511 MB/s89th139 MB/s145th52 Months126th$9955th
Corsair Neutron (v0) 240GB $145
The Neutron exhibits a slightly unbalanced performance profile favouring reads over writes, it achieved a real world score of 479.7 MB/s which is slightly above cent...
52.9 %94th75 %74th0 %105th520 MB/s41st431 MB/s49th49 Months119th$14592nd
HyperX Savage 960GB $295
24 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 97% 894GB free
Worst Bench: 63% 68GB free
94.1 %21st80.4 %56th0 %105th521 MB/s32nd502 MB/s12th15 Months23rd$295141st
Patriot Ignite 960GB $314
10 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 95% 835GB free
Worst Bench: 69% 740GB free
93.4 %25th83.6 %33rd0 %105th528 MB/s4th512 MB/s1st17 Months31st$314145th
Plextor M6S 512GB $189
11 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 102% 61GB free
Worst Bench: 66% 269GB free
91.5 %27th89.7 %16th0 %105th499 MB/s115th439 MB/s39th27 Months75th$189111th
OCZ Trion 100 240GB $63
770 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 63% 146GB free
Worst Bench: 34% 34GB free
64.8 %75th49.2 %146th0.4 %36th498 MB/s118th259 MB/s117th12 Months21st$6318th
OCZ Vertex 460 120GB $150
173 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 100% 188GB free
Worst Bench: 60% 29GB free
33.3 %130th81.6 %49th0 %105th511 MB/s89th412 MB/s63rd29 Months81st$15097th
Crucial M550 128GB $100
310 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 100% 15GB free
Worst Bench: 61% 11GB free
47.1 %101st80.8 %53rd0 %105th524 MB/s20th353 MB/s77th27 Months75th$10057th
Patriot Wildfire 120GB $298
42 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 70% 63GB free
Worst Bench: 47% 27GB free
14.4 %152nd59 %131st0 %105th521 MB/s32nd207 MB/s130th60 Months141st$298142nd
Patriot Pyro 120GB $60
60 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 61% 30GB free
Worst Bench: 40% 34GB free
40.7 %116th50.2 %144th0 %105th505 MB/s105th135 MB/s148th59 Months138th$6016th
Mushkin Chronos 240GB $75
In today's market the only thing the Mushkin Chronos has going for it is the fact that it is an SSD and as such considerably faster than a regular hard drive. Compar...
69 %72nd59.7 %128th0.1 %67th511 MB/s89th289 MB/s102nd59 Months138th$7528th
Patriot Ignite 240GB $78
59 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 101% 194GB free
Worst Bench: 54% 195GB free
90.1 %34th80.5 %55th0 %105th530 MB/s2nd508 MB/s4th17 Months31st$7832nd
Samsung 840 250GB $128
The Samsung 840 is the budget version of the 840 Pro, the main difference between the hardware on the two drives is the type of flash memory used. The cheaper 840 us...
47.7 %100th59.8 %127th0.5 %31st510 MB/s96th248 MB/s125th45 Months111th$12883rd
Crucial BX200 240GB $65
1,422 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 78% 199GB free
Worst Bench: 45% 172GB free
81.9 %52nd63.6 %112th0.7 %18th492 MB/s127th258 MB/s119th8 Months12th$6520th
PNY CS1311 120GB $40
221 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 79% 72GB free
Worst Bench: 45% 28GB free
70.2 %69th63.7 %110th0.2 %52nd515 MB/s68th333 MB/s90th3 Months1st$402nd
Patriot Ignite 480GB $151
22 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 100% 365GB free
Worst Bench: 35% 328GB free
86.1 %46th74.9 %76th0 %105th527 MB/s12th511 MB/s2nd17 Months31st$151100th
Crucial MX100 128GB $84
The Crucial 128GB MX100 has the smallest capacity and is the slowest of the MX100 range. Comparing the 128GB and 256GB MX100s shows that the 256GB version has a 75% ...
46.6 %105th70.3 %88th0.1 %67th528 MB/s4th185 MB/s135th25 Months67th$8437th
Corsair Force 3 120GB $109
2,074 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 50% 91GB free
Worst Bench: 26% 15GB free
20.2 %149th38.9 %152nd0.4 %36th203 MB/s151st116 MB/s152nd62 Months143rd$10966th
OCZ Vertex 450 128GB $80
The 128GB Vertex 450 has a reasonable but somewhat unusual performance profile. The main weakness is its sequential write speed which is only 282 MB/s peak. This imp...
48.5 %99th70.7 %85th0 %105th506 MB/s104th284 MB/s104th38 Months94th$8035th
Mushkin Chronos Deluxe 240GB $111
The Mushkin Chronos and Chronos Deluxe are both Sandforce 2881 based SSDs from Mushkin. The only difference between the two is their NAND Flash: Intel asynchronous 2...
57.7 %85th67.1 %97th0 %105th517 MB/s59th272 MB/s109th58 Months137th$11171st
Adata Premier SP550 240GB $58
902 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 78% 129GB free
Worst Bench: 43% 57GB free
88.5 %40th63.1 %116th0.8 %14th492 MB/s127th259 MB/s117th10 Months17th$5813th
OCZ Trion 150 960GB $200
11 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 83% 800GB free
Worst Bench: 58% 646GB free
107 %4th68.5 %91st0 %105th520 MB/s41st355 MB/s74th3 Months1st$200116th
PNY CS1311 240GB $60
516 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 81% 186GB free
Worst Bench: 46% 154GB free
89.9 %36th65.8 %104th0.5 %31st517 MB/s59th355 MB/s74th3 Months1st$6016th
Kingston SSDNow V300 480GB $126
825 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 66% 4GB free
Worst Bench: 36% 191GB free
68.8 %73rd52.1 %143rd0.3 %41st511 MB/s89th296 MB/s99th44 Months108th$12682nd
Samsung 840 120GB $109
2,782 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 67% 28GB free
Worst Bench: 38% 8GB free
27.7 %141st53.2 %141st0.7 %18th505 MB/s105th133 MB/s150th45 Months111th$10965th
Intel 320 Series 120GB $149
The Intel 320 SSD uses a proprietary Intel controller which predates Intel's adoption of Sandforce controllers for their consumer SSDs. The 320 is nearly three years...
16 %151st39 %151st0.1 %67th261 MB/s148th134 MB/s149th64 Months150th$14994th
PNY CS2211 240GB $75
65 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 94% 110GB free
Worst Bench: 58% 170GB free
90 %35th77.8 %66th0 %105th527 MB/s12th438 MB/s41st6 Months9th$7527th
Crucial BX200 480GB $118
330 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 77% 177GB free
Worst Bench: 44% 406GB free
87.5 %43rd63.3 %115th0.2 %52nd491 MB/s129th253 MB/s122nd8 Months12th$11877th
OCZ Trion 150 120GB $44
48 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 77% 30GB free
Worst Bench: 46% 91GB free
65.2 %74th63.6 %111th0 %105th517 MB/s59th337 MB/s87th3 Months1st$444th
PNY CS1311 480GB $113
196 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 82% 322GB free
Worst Bench: 52% 447GB free
97 %16th67.9 %94th0.2 %52nd517 MB/s59th351 MB/s80th3 Months1st$11373rd
Crucial BX200 960GB $236
47 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 79% 554GB free
Worst Bench: 54% 753GB free
91 %31st65.8 %105th0 %105th494 MB/s124th256 MB/s120th8 Months12th$236129th
Adata Premier SP550 480GB $110
264 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 76% 415GB free
Worst Bench: 45% 182GB free
89.1 %39th61.1 %125th0.2 %52nd493 MB/s126th260 MB/s116th10 Months17th$11069th
OCZ Trion 150 480GB $110
82 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 79% 209GB free
Worst Bench: 47% 303GB free
94.6 %20th64.9 %109th0.1 %67th517 MB/s59th353 MB/s77th3 Months1st$11069th
PNY CS1311 960GB $212
46 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 83% 469GB free
Worst Bench: 51% 879GB free
103 %5th68.3 %93rd0.1 %67th520 MB/s41st358 MB/s73rd3 Months1st$212121st
Transcend SSD370 1TB $315
32 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 98% 686GB free
Worst Bench: 70% 943GB free
97.2 %15th83.1 %38th0 %105th521 MB/s32nd433 MB/s44th23 Months53rd$315146th
PNY CS2211 960GB $280
5 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 86% 828GB free
Worst Bench: 65% 674GB free
89.7 %37th73.7 %78th0 %105th520 MB/s41st500 MB/s15th6 Months9th$280140th
PNY CS2211 480GB $140
77 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 98% 372GB free
Worst Bench: 62% 125GB free
101 %7th83.1 %39th0 %105th528 MB/s4th508 MB/s4th6 Months9th$14090th
Adata Premier SP550 960GB $206
32 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 74% 147GB free
Worst Bench: 42% 827GB free
91.4 %28th59.7 %129th0 %105th442 MB/s142nd262 MB/s115th10 Months17th$206119th
Adata Premier SP550 120GB $38
759 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 80% 97GB free
Worst Bench: 48% 88GB free
72.5 %64th63.4 %114th0.7 %18th494 MB/s124th251 MB/s123rd10 Months17th$381st
Mushkin Reactor 512GB $168
85 User Benchmarks
Best Bench: 113% 57GB free
Worst Bench: 56% 300GB free
102 %6th91.3 %12th0 %105th522 MB/s26th454 MB/s37th17 Months31st$168106th
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Intel Core i7-6700K $331Nvidia GTX 970 $260Samsung 850 Evo 250GB $88
Intel Core i5-6600K $231AMD R9 390 $284Samsung 850 Pro 256GB $125
Intel Core i7-4790K $313Nvidia GTX 980 Ti $470Samsung 850 Evo 500GB $150
WD Blue 1TB (2012) $49HyperX Fury DDR4 2133 C14 2x8GB $66SanDisk Extreme 32GB $21
WD Black 1TB (2013) $70G.SKILL Trident Z DDR4 3200 C16 2x8GB $85SanDisk Extreme 64GB $30
WD Black 2TB (2013) $122Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 2133 C13 2x8GB $68SanDisk Extreme 16GB $15
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